Construction under Kimball tower might cause minor disruptions

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Tunnel constructiion around the SWKT will continue through August.
Construction started on a new utility tunnel under the southeast corner of the Spencer W. Kimball Tower will cause minor disruptions to faculty and staff this Summer.

According to Lynn Shumpert, the project’s coordinator, the exterior construction will be completed  August 3.

The SWKT’s distilled water has been turned off and will remain off until August 7 and the hot water will be turned off until August 15. Periodically the SWKT’s electricity will be affected as well. But Shumpert said noise disturbances shouldn’t be a problem.

Trent Nielson, a student working in the IT department for the College of Family Home and Social Sciences located in the SWKT, said he often brushes his teeth at work and will be inconvenienced.

“No water means potential for gingivitis, tooth decay and halitosis,” Nielson said. “They’re effectively digging a hole in both the ground and my teeth.”

Construction began May 2, relocating a fire hydrant.  The SWKT was without a fire sprinkler system for most of the day.

The utility tunnel is one of three tunnels around campus called Campus High Temperature Water Tunnels. In addition to the tunnel under the SWKT, there is a tunnel on the west side of the Abraham Smoot Building and another tunnel on the north side of May Hall.

Construction on the SWKT tunnel will consist mainly of excavation and building the concrete walls of the tunnel. These tunnels mainly house water pipes.

“Construction will extend the longevity of the pipes,” Shumpert said. “Placing the pipes in tunnels makes repairs easier, more timely and less disruptive.”


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