Preliminary trial scheduled for Steve Turley


A preliminary trial is scheduled against former Provo municipal councilman, Steve Turley. The hearing is scheduled for June 20, 2012.

Turley was charged with 10 second-degree felonies last year, including communication fraud, exploiting vulnerable adults and engaging in a pattern of unlawful activity.

Diane Christensen, spokesperson for the group that submitted the complaint against Turley, expressed satisfaction at the trial scheduling.

“The victims who were named in the charging documents have been waiting a long time for justice,” she said.

The case against Turley was delayed in early January when the prosecutors requested more time to process the request from Turley’s lawyer, former U.S. Attorney Brett Toleman, to see evidence. The trial was delayed even further in early March when there was a dispute over records between Toleman and the Utah County Attorney’s Office. The Court allowed four weeks for the two parties to settle their dispute. Both sides are now ready to move forward with the case.

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