Letter: Over generalization


In response to “Boot the attitude” (5/1), I was almost towed on a Sunday for parking in an empty parking lot near campus while doing my home teaching. Hence, I agree with the final statement Jordan Gustin makes concerning finding another place to park.

However, I can’t say I would slam the entire student population and label them as “just as foul-mouthed and dishonest as the next person.” I calmly paid the fine to have my car released.

Maybe that is not good enough for the author. Perhaps he’ll claim I’m not living my commitment to the honor code because I paid the fine to have my car released on a Sunday. Was the student operating the tow truck also dishonest when he offered for me to pay half price to have my car released? Is that against company policy and would get him fired? How do I know he wasn’t taking the money for himself?

True, all is not well. But we already know we’re all sinners and need to repent and improve. We don’t need the author’s depressing, self-righteous statements to make us feel worse about ourselves and those around us.



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