Brigham’s Yard Sale helps students sell unwanted items


BYU students and the community came to the terrace in the Wilkinson center Wednesday to participate in Brigham’s yard sale.

The scene was reminiscent of a garage sale with students selling items such as books, DVDs, clothes, games, athletic equipment, shoes and kitchen utensils, along with handcrafted items like journals, pillows and jewelry.

Students had different reasons for participating in the sale.

Elise Swank, a recreation management major from Yorktown, Virginia, was selling wedding decorations at her booth.

“I just got married on the 21st and I want it all out of my house,” Swank said.

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Brigham's Yard Sale at the Wilkinson Center terrace.
Sarah Bradley, an English major, sold books exclusively.

“Originally I got them from book sales when I was a teaching major,” Bradley said. “But once I switched I didn’t need the large assortment of books, most of which I already had, so I decided to sell them.”

Brynne Bonham an English major from Alpine, was running a booth called, “Bits of Strings and Rings,” which sold items she crafted herself.  She had decorated suitcases, purses, headbands, covered journals, pillows and some jewelry. This was the first time Bonham has sold her crafts.

“This is my first one,” Bonham said. “I’m actually kind of anxious.”

David and Chelsy Marriott were simply trying to rid themselves of unneeded belongings.

“We’ve been gathering some things and we’re just not big junk collectors,” David Marriott said. “And we saw this advertised we thought ‘hey, what a wonderful way to maybe get rid of some things and make a little bit of money back before we just take it right over to DI.'”

Several booths had signs that read “all prices negotiable,” in true yard sale fashion. Whether there to buy or sell, everyone who participated got a taste of the opportunity Brigham’s yard sale provided.

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