New landscapes coming to the Utah Covey Center


[/media-credit]Image captured by Colbery in Alberta Canada”][media-credit id=260 align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]The Covey Center for the Arts will open a new exhibit highlighting a new photographer, M.A. Coberly. The exhibit will run from May 4-June 28 in the Eccles Gallery.

Coberly, has been a photographer for over ten years and is currently working towards his BFA at Brigham Young University.

His love for nature photography began his initial field of study; environmental engineering. As he delved deeper into the program, he recognized his love for nature and had a desire to capture the beauty within it.

Coberly transitioned into photography and was accepted into Washington State and Brigham Young University for photography and he chose the latter.

The pieces being featured are a mixture of images Coberly has taken over the last 10 years. His focus is mainly on simple lines in nature formations. This inspired the name of his project which is called “Line”.

“My eyes were naturally drawn to the simplistic lines in nature and my shots are from all around the United States and Canada,” Coberly said. “I like to hold true to the scene as I saw it, so I try not to tamper with the image after I have captured it.”

“His pieces are not your typical photographs, they look as if they were painted,” said Deann Morin, the Gallery Coordinator of The Covey Center. “I am excited to see all of his work when they come in on Monday.”

His exhibit, “Line”, features Utah’s sandstone canyons, Canada’s ice formations and other nature formations in the United States. The Covey Center will be featuring eleven of Coberly’s pieces. One of his most vivid memories is one of the ice formation images.

“I was up in the Maligne Canyon in the Canadian Rocky Mountains during winter. It was below zero degrees, which meant most everything was frozen. During the summer this area is flowing with water and it is impossible to reach,” Coberly said.  “But during the winter it was a perfect spot; the water was frozen along the canyon walls and cast a shadow against the wall that made a remarkable image.”

This piece will be displayed in the Gallery.

The exhibits featured in the Eccles Gallery receive more exposure than those featured in the Secure Gallery because they are in the lobby of the performance areas.

“During ballets, musicals and comedies, the art is seen by large audiences in the Eccles.” said Stephanie Ducharme, public relations specialist of the Covey Center. “Being featured here is a great way for Coberly to get his name out to the public.”

“Line has been a long-time project I have been working on and I am really excited for the opportunity to display my work to the public,” Coberly said.


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