Police Beat: Officer gives student ride to health center because of his chest pains


Public Welfare

April 24- An individual called police to report that a woman in a wheelchair was riding in the street. Police responded to the call and found the woman in the wheelchair riding on the sidewalk.

April 24- Police received a call at 8 a.m. concerning an individual who was asleep in his car near the Talmage Building. The individual told police that he was just resting before class.

April 25- An individual flagged down a police car and asked the officer to take him to the BYU Student Health Center. The individual was late for an appointment and was feeling chest pains because he had been trying to run to the center.

April 26- Police responded to a 911 call at Wymount Terrace. The call was made by a young child who was playing with his mother’s phone. The mother confirmed everything was alright and that she will not let her child play with her phone again.

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The Police Beat is published weekly.
Recovered Stolen Property

April 26- A woman brought in a bike to the police station that she and her roommate had been using for some time.  The woman said her roommate had obtained the bike after watching a bicycle rack and noticed the bike did not seem to have an owner. The woman realized the bike might actually belong to someone and decided to turn it over to police.


April 26- A woman attending Women’s Conference locked herself out of her room in Helaman Halls. Police arrived and unlocked the door.

Suspicious Behavior

April 25- Police received several calls about a suspicious male near the Richards Building at 10 p.m. The man was not wearing a shirt and was carrying a bag. He was talking to himself, swearing and acting confrontational to people walking by. He was interviewed by police and was not considered a threat to himself or others. The male was escorted off-campus and banned from campus for 72 hours.


April 24- Unknown persons posted “Kony 2012” posters at various locations on campus during the night over the weekend. The Grounds Department picked up 250 posters, mostly in Heritage Halls. The cost of removing the posters was $250 plus benefits. There are currently no suspects.


April 24- An individual reported his backpack stolen from the Cannon Center. Police used surveillance footage to identify the suspect of the theft. After identifying the suspect, police tried repeatedly to contact him by phone. When the suspect’s father answered the phone he told police his son was in California and had picked up the backpack by mistake and hadn’t had the time to return it. The situation is under investigation.


April 23- A skateboarder was stopped by police at 11 p.m. in Brigham Square. The skateboarder had received two previous warnings about skateboarding on private property and was issued a Provo City citation.

Missing Person

April 23- Two children were reported missing at Wymount Terrace. The children were playing on a playground under the supervision of their father. The children were located by the father’s friends in front of building 10F.

Found Property

April 23- Police found a BYU ID at the Movies 8 movie theater. It was returned to the individual.


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