Letter: Boot the attitude


I work for a small booting company that patrols and enforces a few properties and apartments here in Provo, and while I am aware that most people hate me (generally, they will say it to my face) because of my job, I have noticed a lot about the character of people.

There is a saying that people’s real characters come out when their backs are against the wall. I get the pleasure of seeing people’s true characters as they metaphorically find themselves with their backs against the wall and boots on their cars. The result is strikingly depressing, as much about BYU students as anyone else. They are just as foul-mouthed and dishonest as the next person, despite commitment to the honor code and, as members of the church, to be honest in all your doings. Most optimists would think other wise because they see the facades on campus, and may be tempted to think “all is well.” I assure you most despairingly it is quite the contrary. An example, a BYU student tried to bribe me by paying me $30 in order to dismiss the $65 charge against him because of his parking violation, which could not only get me fired, but, if reported by my boss, would get me kicked out of BYU. Most students, instead of honestly taking responsibility for their actions, get parents involved who bully with threats and lawsuits over $65. This is dishonest, the opposite of the very definition of honor, which isn’t just honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions, but taking responsibility when you have done something wrong. There is no justification for it and no excuse.

So here is a fair warning, when in doubt find another place to park, enjoy the exercise and the wonderful spring weather.



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