Department of Labor withdraws child labor proposal


The U.S. Department of Labor announced Friday to extract a proposal that would have kept young individuals from working in the farming industry.

Utah Farm Bureau President Leland Hogan announced today the national decision. The Utah Farm Bureau has worked in coordination with the Utah Labor Commission to promote farming safety, especially among young adults.

In an official press release Hogan states that “this announcement shows the strength of American agriculture and grassroots action. Farm families throughout Utah should be proud of the influence that they had in this process and the contribution they made to the outcome.”

Matt Hargreaves, vice president of communications at the Utah Farm Bureau, also believes that their members and farming families had a large hand in helping fight for the proposal to be overturned.

“What sets Farm Bureau apart from other groups is that our policies, actions, etc. are all driven from the ground level by our members,” Hargreaves said in an email. “It’s not the board of directors or president making a decision. So we let our members know and asked them to contact their congressional representatives to tell their story of how such a policy would impact them.”

With the policy withdrawn, agricultural families around the nation will not be hindered in their group efforts to keep up their family-operated farming businesses.

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