Letter: Be men of God


At BYU, one of the most disheartening and discouraging things I have experienced is the lack of respect individuals give themselves. Although women are stereotypically known to degrade themselves, I have found that this is a recent trend among men. I frequently hear my male friends make fun of and degrade themselves. I originally thought these remarks to be jokes or nervous twitches; however, I began to pay more careful attention and concluded that this behavior is an illness creeping into the minds of men.

We are counseled to lift others up, and by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf to “stop it!” I extend this counsel to include ourselves. We should never cast ourselves in a negative light. The world does that for us.

Men are viewed by the media as reckless, thoughtless, and stupid individuals. These stereotypes are incorrect and should not be used as excuses for bad behavior; as women, we often don’t view you through these lenses. We see you as kind, intelligent, worthy priesthood holders who are walking down the path of righteousness.

Additionally, as young women we want to date men who are positive and uplifting. No one wants to be around negativity. Putting yourself down during a date, at church, as a joke at a party or in any other occasion is a huge turnoff. We are commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves. Personally, if you cannot love yourself, then you cannot love me. Therefore, you will not date me. I do not want to court/date/hangout with men who are constantly degrading themselves. I do not want to marry a man that think of himself as “bad” or “horrible”. So here I stand begging the men of BYU, please stop it and come to view yourselves as men of God.


Fishers, Ind.

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