How-to: Shape up and have fun


As the days get progressively warmer and people start emerging from their winter induced cocoons and shed their big jackets and long pants, the pre-pool panic starts to set in. Maybe you already started assessing the damage — did I have those extra five pounds and skin so pale it glowed last summer? But before you make an intensive gym schedule that you are likely to flake out on at the first opportunity, think about your alternatives. You live in Provo, Utah the perfect place to firm up those sagging muscles while being the social butterfly you know you are.

Utilize ward and group activities

Instead of sighing when someone suggests yet another game of Ultimate Frisbee, see it as an opportunity to run off all those chocolate eggs and Peeps you ate at Easter. Other popular outdoor activities that can get your heart rate up are Fugitive, Capture the Flag, or Kick the Can. Take advantage of the volleyball courts at the fields above Heritage, or get sporty with soccer, football, kickball or softball at one of the many parks around Provo.


Hiking is one of the most popular pastimes of the outdoorsy BYU student, but before you start up the quintessential Y hike, consider the possibilities. Grab a camera and some friends and tour Timpanogos Cave, explore Bridal Veil Falls, hike Stewart Falls or head over to the Fifth Water Waterfalls and hot springs in Spanish Fork. Pack a hamper and make it a picnic. Go at your own pace and try somewhere new and fun.

Date to get in shape

Why sit on the couch with your significant other when there are so many other healthy alternatives? Go geocaching and walk all over town. Rent a tandem bike and ride to one of the museums on campus. Find a hilarious old workout video at DI and do that together. Head over to Outdoors Unlimited and rent a kayak and go to Utah lake.

Explore the RB

Previously, signing up for intramurals was all about trying to win the coveted championship tee shirt, now it can be about socializing and firming up. Or sign up for an aerobic fitness wristband and do sun salutations in yoga or work on your washboard in the abs class. Or you can go swimming in the pool, play racquetball, wally ball, or basketball.

Try a new mode of transportation 

Think back to your childhood where you spent summer breaks outside on your rollerblades, scooter, bike and skateboard. Replicate your childhood and grab a longboard and explore. Go mountain biking at one of the ski resorts. Bike to the park and swing. Get some wheels and get outside.

So the next time somebody suggests tubing down the Provo River or crashing a hot tub at another complex, feel confident because of all the fun you had shaping up on the sly.

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