Talented professionals to speak at Women’s Conference: Matthew O. and Lisa Richardson


Attendants of BYU’s afternoon general session of the 2012 Women’s Conference will have the opportunity to listen to Matthew and Lisa Richardson as they present their topic, “Armed with Principles that Never Change.”

Brother Richardson is well-known among BYU students and Latter-day Saint church members as a professor of Church history at BYU and second counselor in the general Sunday School presidency since April 2009.

Sister Richardson stands as the perfect support system for her husband’s religious roles: she participates fully and charitably in church callings such as a Relief Society teacher and visiting teacher.

The couple met at BYU, shortly after Brother Richardson returned from his mission to Denmark, and bonded over their shared love of President Spencer W. Kimball. After they married the following summer, Brother Richardson enrolled in a course for prospective seminary teachers, which served as a foundation for his love of seminary teaching and religious education.

Brother Richardson graduated from BYU, where he received all of his degrees: a BA in communications, an M.Ed. in Education Leadership and Curriculum and an Ed.D. in Education Leadership.

After his graduation, Brother Richardson served as a religion lecturer at BYU from 1993 to 1996. This role gave way to his employment as a member of BYU’s religion faculty in 1996. Brother Richardson’s love of religious education culminated in 2002, when he became associate dean of Religious Education.

Well-rounded in the field of LDS studies, Brother Richardson authored “The Christus Legacy,” a book discussing the image and history of the well-known Christus statue. He’s also written “The Relationship Seasons” and “Personal Promises from the Lord to You.”

Currently, Brother Richardson teaches classes at BYU such as Living Prophets and Marriage Prep, and has received the prestigious Robert J. Matthews Teaching award, Professor of Integrity award and a four-year religious education fellowship.

Brother Richardson has also served as a Sunday school teacher, Young Men president and a member of the Young Men/Young Women curriculum writing committee.

Brother Richardson’s most recent General Conference appearance was in October 2011, with his talk titled “Teaching After the Manner of the Spirit.”

The Richardson’s session will begin Thursday afternoon at 3:45 in the Marriott Center.

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