Letter: Enforcing the code


Summer is here, and apparently that means immodesty is here as well. I am a graduate of BYU from a few years ago and my husband is currently a student at BYU. Every so often I get a complaint from him that women on campus are immodestly clad and this discourages me.

What about the Honor Code? Didn’t everyone on campus sign this document setting themselves apart from some of the worlds fashion standards? Tuesday was one of the nicest days we’ve had so far this year, and apparently nice weather gives women license to show leg and shoulders to the world. This behavior is not acceptable. It is not virtuous. By no means is it being an example to the world by being “distinct and different—in happy ways—from the women of the world.” (See Sister Beck, April 2012 Conference Talk).

My husband does not want to see these women and I guarantee other virtuous young men don’t want to see them either. Which brings me now to my next point. Honor Code Office: Please enforce the Honor Code. I know you enforce the Honor Code, even in times of extreme pressure. Take Brandon Davies, for example. I also know that you enforce the Honor Code when there are violations to the dress and grooming standards. For example, if my husband doesn’t shave and has a test, he is turned away from the testing center and told to shave before taking his test. Have you thought about doing this same thing to women who are violating the Honor Code? I am a woman and plead with you do be more strict with the women students.

Please understand, I know it is a sensitive subject and puts people in an awkward place, but it needs to be fixed. People will complain. People will post on Facebook how dumb BYU is for enforcing the Honor Code, but that is your job. Please do it.


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