Letter: Plasma screen


So what’s up with the big, awesome plasma screen TV in the Terrace of the WILK? Is it broken? Is it really only capable of showing BYU basketball games and occasional CNN snippets? Seriously, I think of the poor class that donated it — too bad that they didn’t know that it would be a waste of their money. Here are some suggestions that I think will make their contribution worth while.

First, would it be so wrong to show the devotionals on it? Honestly, not everyone is willing to walk all the way to the Marriott Center to listen to devotional, and those that can’t leave campus to watch it at their homes (if they even have a TV there) miss out too. I sincerely believe that if the Terrace plasma screen were to play the devotional then the number of people that actually watch devotionals would increase significantly. What better purpose could it possibly serve?

Second, there are much better and inspiring things on than CNN. Shake it up a little bit by turning on the History channel, BYU TV, Food Channel, Discovery or play movies.  One more thing, whatever does get turned on, be sure to either turn up the volume or switch on the subtitles, the human ear can only hear above a certain decibel you know.

Kent, Wash.

Editor’s Note: Devotionals can be watched at various locations across campus, including the Kimball Tower’s and Joseph Smith Building’s auditoriums and the Varsity Theater in the Wilkinson Student Center.  

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