Education in Zion Gallery Hosts The Healer’s Art Exhibit


To celebrate 60 years of nursing education at BYU, the Education in Zion Gallery in the JFSB is opening a new exhibition in conjunction with the College of Nursing.

Located on the second floor of the gallery, “The Healer’s Art: A Celebration of the College of Nursing,” will open to the public at noon Tuesday, April 10. The exhibit will explore the art and science of nursing, featuring stories from war fronts and humanitarian service missions — both globally and domestically.

“The exhibition title is taken from the hymn ‘Lord, I would Follow Thee,’ and it references Christ as the master healer,” said Heather Seferovich, coordinating curator for the gallery. “And He frequently answers prayers by working through others. Sometimes we may be the ones receiving help, but other times we are the ones giving assistance.”

The exhibit will contain a variety of stories, photographs and artifacts that engage visitors in episodes from the lives of nursing faculty, alumni and students. There will be also an original 1952 nursing uniform on display that Relief Society General President Belle Spafford and others selected from multiple contest entries for a new uniform for BYU nursing students.

“I am especially proud of the pictures depicting students and faculty working together to bring the blessings of the Healer’s Art to many areas of the earth,” said Karen Lundberg, a professor from the College of Nursing. “Over the past decade, the College of Nursing has developed a unique world nursing program.”

Another interesting display is one featuring two additional verses of Hymn 220, “Lord, I Would Follow Thee,” that were written especially for the College of Nursing a decade ago. Most people don’t know these exist.

“Because of the nature of the nursing profession, all the stories tell about learning, service or individuals’ epiphanies related to learning and service,” Seferovich said.

On the day of the opening, visitors can receive a free blood pressure screening from nursing students from noon to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Students in the nursing program will also have a station set up to make fleece blankets that will be donated to the local association of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners.

“This exhibit is part of the College of Nursing’s 60th anniversary celebration of learning and teaching the healer’s art,” said Beth Cole, dean of the College of Nursing. “We believe the art of healing reaches out to all people, wherever they might be. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate Christ’s mission and nursing together with our fellow students and community.”

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