BYU Creamery ice cream has been around for 63 years


The BYU Creamery opened in 1949, first selling milk to BYU dining services and eventually expanding to producing other dairy products, including cheese and ice cream.

Today, the BYU Creamery has more than 40 flavors of ice cream and sells an average of 75 to 90 gallons of ice cream per day.

Though prices have changed drastically over the past 63 years, the ice cream’s distinct taste is still intact and the Creamery continues to occasionally add new flavors.

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BYU's Creamery has been making ice cream for 63 years.
“My favorite thing about BYU Creamery ice cream is the little cups they have in the peanut butter cup and cherry cordial,” said Andrea Mower, a senior, from Memphis, Tenn., majoring in technology and engineering education. “I usually just get the half gallons, so I don’t have to wait in line. My roommates and I split it since we all like the same kind.”

Mower said she enjoys going to the creamery with her friends and family because the BYU Creamery is a family-friendly environment and usually runs into people she knows.

Ryan Spille, a junior, from New Market, Minn., majoring in pychology, said he and his wife go to the creamery often because of the price, taste and convenience.

“I’d say it’s a good quality for the price,” Spille said. “It’s a really unique flavor I have not seen anywhere else. I like the Graham Canyon because of the graham cracker swirls. We live really close by it, so we come here a lot.”

The secret to why BYU ice cream is “creamier” than most ice creams is because it contains 2 to 4 percent more butterfat than other ice cream brands.

Elza Hartung, a senior, from Pittsburg, Penn., majoring in family consumer sciences education, worked at the creamery for four and a half years, until the end of last semester.

“When I was working at the creamery, Graham Canyon [ice cream] seemed to be the favorite.”

While working at the creamery, Hartung was able to witness the addition of new ice cream flavors, including brownie nut fudge and mint brownie fudge.

“We got a great response with those new flavors so we gave the feedback to the outlet and they keep cranking them out for us,” Hartung said.

Hartung said the BYU Creamery is known for its unique flavor in ice cream, but its also known for the atmosphere created around dishing out ice cream.

“Part of the reason that the ice cream is so good is because of the people behind the counter serving it,” She said. “They are wonderful. Never underestimate service with a genuine smile.”


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