Letter: Social media uses


Various forms of social media have evolved over the years. Many people use them correctly while others … are still learning. I devised a list to educate those who may still need a little help on the appropriate use of social media.

Twitter: Use this when you always want to tell people what you’re up to. Use it as frequently as you wish. The friends who take interest in that much info of your life tweet too. Nobody else cares — probably. It is inappropriate to tweet on Facebook.

Facebook: Keep your friends informed on the main events in your life and the world. By all means post news, photos and information. (But not too frequently — that’s what Twitter is for). Note: this is not an appropriate place to publicly fight with a best friend. That’s what text messaging is for.

Instagram: A great way to share of-the-moment photographs. It is not, however, a photo album. Do not put every photo from Instagram onto your Facebook wall. Choose one or the other. Create an album if you wish for your non-Instagram followers to see those photos, and upload them all at once.

Talking: Still an excellent way to communicate.

Blogs: Share your frustrations, anger, recipes, depression and love stories with a specific group of people care.

Google+, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Peektree, Pinterest, etc.: Use them according to their purposes.

When it comes down to it and your Facebook news feed continues to be full of the same uninteresting people, then unsubscribe from them. You can still be friends.

Rexburg, Idaho

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