‘Tis the season to get in shape


Seemingly out of nowhere, students began flocking to grassy patches and sunny ledges on campus. South of campus, herds of students can be found in exercise clothes out for their daily jog. Just weeks ago all of these areas were nearly deserted.

The recent rise in temperature has given students an increased motivation to spend time outside. For many students, that means getting out and exercising. While there were indoor facilities available at BYU all winter,  many outside exercise opportunities were limited by snow and cold weather.

After spending two years on a mission in Jamaica, Conner Tracy became quite accustomed to heat. When winter arrived, Tracy said he couldn’t stand being outside in the cold. Shortly after winter commenced, Tracy’s exercise habits ceased completely. While most people gain weight when they stop exercising, Tracy lost about 15 pounds.

“Because I knew I wasn’t exercising, I didn’t want to eat a lot of food because I thought I would just get fat,” Tracy said. “I did the opposite and it’s just as negative.”

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Because of the ncie weather, Sampo Hynyen and Jordan Kartchner play football outside on campus.
With the change in weather, Tracy is ready to get back into shape. He uses a “workout of the day” app on his smartphone to help him get a variety of workouts.

Mybree Michaud, a former BYU student from Sunrise, Fla., has similar struggles when it comes to working out during the winter. While attending BYU, Michaud knew there were indoor options for exercise, but she didn’t know where to start in using the machines in the weight room.

With the change in weather, Michaud noted how everyone goes outside and starts playing sports. While she said she likes the way she feels while exercising, being outside and enjoying the weather is just as important to her.

“I’m happy all year round, but I just love being in the sun,” Michaud said.

Sarah Haymore, a recreational management major from High Point, N.C., played for the BYU women’s rugby team in the fall. During the season she maintained great physical conditioning, but couldn’t get motivated to keep it up through winter.

“It’s not fun when it’s cold outside,” she said.

Haymore refers to the increased temperatures as a “new beginning” that comes every year. Haymore bought new running shoes and is ready to try to break out of her winter slump.

“The warmer weather makes me more determined to at least try,” she said.

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