Teenage Mutant Ninja … Aliens?


Ninja turtles arising from a puddle of radioactive goo with amazing super powers is a little difficult to believe, yet fans across the world have accepted it. What may be even more difficult to believe are ninjas coming from other planets to our world.

Michael Bay, the “Transformers” director, announced last week he will make another “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie. His new screen adaptation will feature teenage mutant ninja aliens. The movie is expected to be released Christmas 2013. This new idea has caused a stir and even outrage among fans. In his response, Bay has asked fans to “breathe and chill,” in a statement he made on his webpage.

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Director Michael Bay ignited controversy last week when he announced changes to the plot of his upcoming "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" film.
Jacob Van Vliet, studying information systems at UVU, was shocked by news of the movie. He said he wishes they would make a TV series based on the old TMNT.

“I thought it was really dumb,” Vliet said. “How can you remake TMNT and say aliens? How will they learn to love pizza?”

Phillip Swan, from Mapleton, grew up on the ninja turtles. He said he loved the action, the pizza and just the humor of the turtles. He isn’t looking forward to the movie but still gives it some hope.

“I think it’s a bad idea,” Swan said. “But if he holds true to the old movie formats they should be sweet.”
Bay told fans he is working closely with the original creators of “Ninja Turtles,”  to help expand and create a more complex back story, and that they are going to create a “richer world” for the turtles.
Fans are still not too fond of the whole alien idea. The movie format will definitely have fans on the edge of their seats. Alex Christensen, studying computer science, was surprised at the change in the story. He said they were changing too much.

“If you change the story that fundamentally, it’s no longer the Ninja Turtles,” Christensen said. “It’s a new story.”

Greg Vandagriff, from Monett, Mo., is not too upset about the change. He thinks fans are overreacting and need to just get over it.

“I cannot imagine how boring your life would have to be in order to claim any amount of emotional distress over a franchise consisting of oversized turtles who eat pizza and fight crime while yelling ‘Cowabunga!’ as Vanilla Ice raps,” Vandagriff said.

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