Letter: Body image


Americans are notorious for their obsession with body image. Viewing the body as a sex object has, embarrassingly, appalled countries, cultures, and religions worldwide.

This is especially disappointing to see among Latter-Day Saints here at BYU. Out of the 30 states I have lived and visited, I have never seen so many plastic surgery/weight loss supplement/fad diet/ etc. ads and sponsors than in the beautiful state of Utah. Perhaps there should just be a statewide ad that encourages the removal of the brain; that would drop at least three pounds and have similar effects as all the above.

We are told to not take our bodies in “excess, neither by extortion”(D&C 59:18-20). Satan desires us to hate or worship them, though those tend to be the same. We are asked by our church leaders to exercise 20-30 minutes, 6 days a week and eat healthy and in moderation. We should all keep in mind how ridiculous it would be to spend more time each day exercising then studying the scriptures. Above all, I feel we should love our bodies, whatever shape or size comes from moderate exercise and healthy eating.

Portland, Ore.

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