Letter: Chalk graffiti


Kudos to BYU’s grounds and janitorial crews for making this a beautiful place to go to school. The amazing landscaping on the south hill makes it easier to bear as I climb it every day. I am very appreciative of the many custodian crews that are staffed during the day to help our buildings look so nice.

It is saddening to see evidence of disrespect to our great campus. Litter on the grounds or in our buildings detracts from the feeling of cleanliness that many work hard to provide.  I’m all for having fun with sidewalk chalk, but it is also disappointing to see it marring an otherwise picturesque scene on the south stairs, especially since the sprinklers haven’t been turned on yet, and it may take days for it to fade.
Let’s all work together to help this campus continue being one of the most beautiful in the nation.


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