Student Alumni Association looks forward to a new year


As most students are looking forward to the break from school as the year ends, others are already organizing and planning for next year. Preparations to improve BYU and student alumni relations for the upcoming year are already under way.

BYU’s Student Alumni Association, which is part of the big three student associations on campus along with BYUSA and YServe, recently elected new student officers for the 2012-2013 school year. The association focuses on building relationships between BYU, students and alumni. Throughout the year, they host a variety of events including Hike and Light the Y, the annual BYU versus University of Utah Food Drive and the Etiquette Dinner.

“Student Alumni is one of the most important organizations at BYU,” former BYU Student Alumni Association president Richard Bean said in an email. “This fine university provides opportunities for its students to gain education. Student Alumni helps students effectively use that education by helping them build their BYU alumni network, transition into their career and return to give back to BYU and its students.”

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Jared Colton and Erika Nash are new officers of BYU Student Alumni.
According to Bean, last year they were able to refine their image and make the organization more recognizable on campus. He said the advertising they have accomplished this year laid the groundwork for many years to come. The newly elected officers are ready to expand and improve on Bean’s foundation.

President Jared Colton and Vice President Erika Nash are looking forward to expanding Student Alumni Association’s mission and purpose. One of their main goals is to help inform campus about what the association is and how students can benefit from it. Through working and cosponsoring events with other organizations on campus, they hope to show how Student Alumni Association can help students in their professional fields.

“We want to brand ourselves as one of the big three: BYUSA, YServe and Student Alumni,” Nash said. “We want people to understand that we are about not only helping students have a great experience at BYU, … but building relationships with alumni so when students graduate they feel more inclined to stay connected with BYU.”

Andrew Bressler, VP of communications, plans to continue to raise awareness about the association. He wants students to recognize who they are, what they do and the events they host. He said it’s important for students to know how much this organization can help them.

Colton and Nash said they believe it’s important for students to realize the amazing opportunity they have by attending the university. They want students to want to give back and get involved with the university. The association hosts events that will benefit students, not only now but in the future as well.

“Most of our events fulfill purposes that no other organization on campus can fulfill because our purpose is different,” Colton said.

With a game plan and a strong support group behind them, Colton and Nash are looking forward to making this year for Student Alumni Association one of the strongest yet. They believe the association is designed to connect students with everyone else and to leave prepared.

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