Letter: Incidental


Katie Harmer’s editorial “A modest proposal” (3/22) was very illuminating on modesty of clothing. What we wear in clothing our bodies is a subject of continuing evaluation. Is it proper or improper? We look around the world and find very different standards of acceptance. When Eve and Adam ate of the forbidden fruit in the Garden, their “eyes were opened and they knew they were naked.”  So they sewed some fig leaves together and  “made themselves aprons.”  Upon this premise we clothe our bodies.

Harmer wrote, “women should dress modestly, men should learn to control their thoughts. We cannot allow the actions of others to determine our reactions. We have agency.” This issue is a constant expression of male gender in the LDS 12-Step Addiction Recovery Program.  I serve as a Missionary Group Leader in this program. Pornographic addiction is consuming to those of us who look upon a woman with sexual desire. What a woman wears or doesn’t wear is incidental. If we look at her as a daughter of God with a beautiful personality, our sexual desires are disciplined.

BYU Alumni

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