Word to the Ys: Mar. 22


“I’m always at the bottom, I can never get this thing right.” — Jesse Flemming, on his NCAA bracket participation

“Personally when I read it, I didn’t even notice it because in my life I have never seen that type of violence, so what I picture in my head is edited.” — Casmin Giles, on the violence in the “Hunger Games” books

“Let me just put it this way, there’s a lot of free hugs that go around.” — Charu Das, organizer of this weekend’s Holi Festival of Colors, on its friendly atmosphere

“I think they remembered their first experience and it helped to bring them back again.” — Alan Osmond, Stadium of Fire co-founder, on this week’s announcement that The Beach Boys will perform at the event this year. The group also performed at Stadium of Fire 20 years ago

“I write this because the cats cannot.” — Patrick Williams, on writing about his love for cats

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