Letter: Sex-education


Regarding HB363, sex education should not be taught in schools but rather in the home by parents.

Today, people are telling us that mandatory sex education in schools is good and necessary for children to keep up with the times — even those who have not even reached the age of puberty. The result has been disastrous. There is an extremely high incidence of teenage pregnancy, of abortions obtained by teenagers, and of sexually transmitted diseases. Sex education has been the instrument used in schools to advance everything from contraception and abortion to the acceptance of homosexuality.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, sex education should be left to parents because they know their children well and can impart the proper knowledge to them at the proper time. Parents are also able to educate their children better than teachers can, because they are more able to pay attention to the complete education of their children, which involves a well rounded schooling in the virtues of chastity, good judgment, justice, courage and self-control. It is in the family primarily that children acquire, or fail to acquire, virtues.

There is no right way to give explicit sex instruction to children who are mentally and emotionally unready for it. There is no right way to give information in groups that should be given privately. There is no right way for an outsider to assume a role which belongs particularly to the parents.

Sex education is the responsibility of parents, not the community, schools and health institutions.

Paul Kokoski
Hamilton, Canada

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