2013 BYU Paris Study Abroad breaks new ground


Winter 2013 Study Abroad in Paris will give students opportunities which are not usually associated with that program including an extended five-night trip and home stays with French families.

The program will include Normandyand the D-Day beaches, battlefields, and cemeteries, Bayeux(home of the famous Bayeux tapestries), Mont Saint-Michel (separated from the mainland by a tidal plain), Bruges (lace capital of Belgium), and Aachen (where Charlemagne is buried).

Students will live in pairs with French families, and enjoy the beauties of Paris and the surrounding environs. Host family stays include all breakfasts and three dinners per week.

Day trips will include the Palace of Fontainebleau (a royal chateau),Versailles (Palace of French kings), Giverny (Monet’s garden), Chartres (world famous Gothic cathedral), Provins (living medieval village), Vincennes (medieval castle), and several other destinations.

Participants can become familiar with the Louvre,  Museé d’Orsay, PompidouCenter, EiffelTower,  Arc de Triomphe, Sainte-Chapelle, Muse de Cluny, and other sites designed to increase appreciation of art, architecture, and culture.

Program Director, Dr. Jesse Crisler, professor in the English Department, says that he plans to link sites in Paris to French literature studied during the program.  His aim is to make Paris the students’ classroom, to make Paris come alive through study and experiences.

Students are required to register for a minimum of 12 credit hours selected from a list of 8 courses which include a Paris Walks course and a European Fine Arts course, held in local museums. Other courses will be held in the Church Institute in the medieval  Marais district, nestled between the modern art of the Pompidou Center and the Right Bank of the Seine.

For more information and funding sources contact , kennedy.byu.edu/student/scholarships, or Crisler at .  Applications are due by Monday, Oct. 1 2012. The number of students who may be accepted is limited.

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