Word to the Ys: Mar. 16


“Everyone knows if you break a promise-swear you get spaghetti dumped on your head.” — David Cramer, on the rules of the infamous promise-swear

“The only realistic way for this to end is a complete elimination of the leadership of the organization, not just Kony.” — Eric Schwantes, on the Kony movement

“Sampo is probably capable of destroying or saving the world.” — Stephanie Lee, on her maybe too-smart friend Sampo Hynynen

“The hardest part about being disabled is how other people react to me. I just want to be a normal girl.” — Jennifer Schofield, a BYU student with cerebral palsy

“I was walking past the ASB and Cecil O. Samuelson walks out while I’m playing ‘Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It’ by Will Smith. President Samuelson points at me and says, ‘That is so old school’ with a big smile on his face, so Cecil approves — that’s all I have to say.” — Ethan Unklesbay, who blasts songs from his boombox on campus every Friday


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