BYU students find themselves lucky to be born on St. Patrick’s day


Students born on St. Patrick’s day may feel they have lost some agency since they are obligated to wear green, but most feel it is an excuse to have a larger than normal birthday celebration.

“Each year, I enjoy a breakfast of green eggs and ham and dressing as a leprechaun,” said Kent Gigger a junior from Downingtown, Pa., majoring in business management.

While it is atypical for students to have their birthday fall on a holiday, many students embrace it, whether or not they want to have a pre-themed birthday party each year.

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People with birthdays on St. Patrick's Day find even more of a reason to show off their green.
For Meg Monk, a sophomore from Tremonton, majoring in print journalism, getting into the holiday spirit is an important tradition.

“Some people I know complain about that their birthday is on a holiday,” Monk said. “I like having it on a holiday … It makes it feel like it’s twice as fun.”

Monk said she feels the only slight downside is she always has to wear green.

“I always have to wear the same color on my birthday, which is really not that big of a deal,” Monk said. “My parents would also always decorate my mirror with green decor.”

Monk’s friends will often get into the holiday spirit, too, by giving her Irish gifts which can be used to both celebrate the holiday and her birthday.

Bryan Wright, a junior, from Lakeville, Minn., majoring in finance, said he is happy to change how he ranks colors on St. Patrick’s day.

“[Green is] my third favorite color, however it is my favorite on St. Patty’s day,” Wright said. “Going to school, everyone wears green, [students] normally get treats from teachers because of the holiday [and] there are decorations. It’s almost as if those decorations and treats are for my birthday and not for St. Patty’s day.”

Although Monk and Wright would not usually peg green as their favorite color, other students like Gigger say they are lucky to have been born on a day where their favorite color is actually promoted.

“[Green is] the color of money and for that reason it is my favorite color,” Gigger said.

Gigger enjoys making the most of celebrating the holiday by decking out in green. The holiday has opened his imagination to explore other make-believe characters.

“Having a birthday on St. Patrick’s day has given me a greater love for mythical creatures,” Gigger said. “Unicorns, trolls and the like become more real to me each year.”

Wright said he does not feel his birthday is ever overlooked because it is on a lower-key holiday and the fact it is on a holiday actually increases the energy of his friends.

“St. Patrick’s day isn’t like other major holidays,” Wright said. “I still get gifts and parties. It’s almost better because people are already in the mood to party.”

For Wright, having a birthday on a holiday makes it easier for his friends.

“I like having my birthday on St. Patty’s day because people normally remember my birthday because they associate it with St. Patrick’s day. Easy to remember,” he said.

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