Mongolian Ambassador Commemorates Anniversary


A silver anniversary has arrived for the United States and Mongolia and their diplomatic relations. Twenty-five years ago, the two countries signed an agreement, beginning their bilateral relationship.

To commemorate this occasion, His Excellency Bekhbat Khasbazar, ambassador of Mongolia to the United States, spoke Wednesday in the Kennedy Center.

Khasbazar spoke of the miracle of the Mongolian–U.S. relationship.

“The establishment of diplomatic relations came after struggles,” he said. “After signing, our countries still remained very distant.”

However, he said the relationship has improved in both nature and scope.

According to Khasbazar, the United States help to Mongolia helped improve relations.

“Today, Mongolia considers the U.S. to be the most important of its neighbors,” he said.

Khasbazar also talked about Mongolia’s main focuses. He said they include international peace-keeping, proactive policies, human rights and preventing terrorism.

“The agenda is extremely full,” he said.

Khasbazar attributed the advances Mongolia has made to the United States.

“In every corner of Mongolia, people are benefitting from the development corporation of the U.S.,” he said.

Khasbazar spoke about business relations between the two countries. He said the United States ranks high on Mongolian investment and business lists. He said Mongolian business interests are continuing to grow and U.S. companies are looking at opening businesses in Mongolia.

“John Deere will be extremely successful in Mongolia,” he said.

Over the last 25 years, the two countries have signed numerous treaties and agreements, including trade and energy agreements.

“We are now working on a government agreement on transparency with trading and investments,” he said.

Khasbazar said he believes a transparency agreement would be a building block for free trade agreements in he future.

Khasbazar also said he has two main priorities as the ambassador. He said he is focusing on increasing trade and increasing education opportunities for Mongolians in the United States.

Khasbazar recognized Mongolia’s advances in recent years.

“Our country has made significant strides in economic and political reforms,” he said. “Mongolia has become one of the most open economies in the world.”

According to Khasbazar, U.S. and Mongolian relations are doing well, especially considering where they were 25 years ago.

“Both of our nation’s fathers have all the reasons to be satisfied,” he said. “It seems today Mongolia itself is doing well.”

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