Blog: Massachusetts Florist Offers Money for Matchmaking


Trying to find your other half can be a difficult search. One man decided to open up his search to the world by making a simple bargain: find him a wife and he will pay  you $1000.

Dave Greenberg, a florist from Watertown, Massachusetts, is looking for love and wants everyone’s help. He has a website and business cards to advertise his cause for those who want to win the money.

All over his floral store, of which he is the manager, are posters plastered of him and his contest.

So what does Greenberg have to offer? He said he is healthy and he likes to be attentive to a woman. He also said the lucky lady who marries him will always receive plenty of flowers.

And in return, he said he is looking for a female companion who is over the age of 50, is nice, and someone he can have chemistry and physical attractiveness with.

She would also have to retire in San Diego with him. But two things that do not matter to Greenberg are race and religion.

He admits he does not like to fly and he does not have lots of money, but he is seeking true love.

The person who can find him his wife not only wins $1000, but also gets to be the guest of honor at the wedding.

This video from CNN explains this man’s search for a bride.

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