Blog: World Celebrates Oreo’s Birthday


After 100 years of being dunked, licked and eaten, milk’s favorite cookie received a global birthday party Tuesday.

The wildly popular sandwich cookie first started selling in 1912.

Some of the festivities for this dessert was an anniversary celebration in Shanghai, China.

The president of Kraft Foods China, Shawn Warren, spoke, while decorations included fireworks and Oreo advertisements galore.

[media-credit name=”Associated Press” align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]
In this photo taken by AP Images for OREO, lucky patrons are surprised with a flash birthday party and Lady Antebellum performance in honor of OREOís 100th Birthday Celebration at The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles on Tuesday, March 6, 2012. (Casey Rodgers/AP Images for OREO)
The official Oreo websitehas numerous activities for those seeking to celebrate. You can share pictures, stories and video of favorite Oreo moments.

After a small fee of $3.99, you can send a cookie gram and a real package of Oreo cookies. There are Oreo video games at the Oreo Arcade.Finally, you can send a personalized video message from the band Lady Antebellum and Oreo.

Additionally, there were seven flash mobs across the country for the event, one of which was in Los Angeles. Salt Lake also had a flash mob performance.

Nabisco hosted a birthday party flash mob dance, led by a giant Oreo. Following that, Lady Antebellum performed for shoppers.

This slideshow has pictures of Oreos and its various forms throughout the years since its creation and photographs of some of the events for the anniversary.

But now that these events have passed, there are still activities you can do to celebrate Oreos.

The Kraft website, in honor of the 100 years, has countless recipes featuring the black and white cookie, such as an Oreo birthday cupcake cake and Oreo party on a stick.

Finally, Nabisco released a limited edition version of the Oreo with a birthday theme in mind. The birthday Oreo has a more retro design and the cream filling  has rainbow sprinkles mixed in.


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