Student embraces books and beats


Students have hobbies, but few make those hobbies into careers.

Justin Reid, a maintenance worker at Southworth Hall, from Centennial, Colo., went from student to disc jockey for his entertainment company after pursuing his hobby.

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Justin Reid working as a DJ at a party.
Reid said his decision to start throwing parties with his friends started about two years ago.

“Two summers ago in August we threw a house party in South Jordan and like 500 people showed up,” Reid said. “That night we decided, why not just put a name on it and see where it goes. We started out just playing music for our friends using the best playlists we could possibly compile using our iTunes, but once real people started showing up, we decided we should probably start learning how to actually DJ and mix music.”

Reid said being a DJ for parties is an awesome experience.

“I love standing in front of a big crowd and watching all those people, some know each other, a lot don’t, all having a great time together,” Reid said.

Reid said his decision to take time off from school was mainly to refocus and prioritize.

“I had done three years and still wasn’t sure exactly where I was going,” Reid said. “I’m a very indecisive person, so it wasn’t a surprising place for me. I’ve never been a phenomenal student in the first place, so that aspect combined with the fact that I still wasn’t sure what I wanted just killed my motivation.”

Now that he’s taken some time off, Reid said he misses school and is ready to come back — he even has a major chosen.

“I plan on majoring in communications,” Reid said. “I have my sights set on on advertising, because I love it, but who knows, my indecisiveness may still have some things to say.”

Although DJing is fun, Reid said he knows it is not something he wants to do in the long run.

“DJing is an awesome hobby, but when I picture my future, it’s never anything more than that,” Reid said. “I know I’ll want a degree to rise to higher levels in the future when I’m taking care of a family.”

Reid said when he returns to school, he will continue to DJ at parties to keep up with his hobby and keep his creative edge.

Rhonda Reid, Justin Reid’s mother, said throwing parties is a good way for Justin to make money.

“I think it is a great way to supplement his income,” she said. “Justin has a great talent and he will be very successful with the right discipline.”

Rhonda Reid said her son’s decisions will help him in his future endeavors.

“I think he is gaining very valuable experience as well as increasing skill in the entertainment industry,” she said. “An even more positive experience would be to have academic backing so he could manage all areas of the business.”

Kyle Petitt has known Justin Reid since June and the two are good friends. Petitt said Reid’s choices will help him because he knows how to get things done.

“He understands the value of being productive and doing things,” Petitt said. “He also has experience building a brand and building a name. His decisions gave him some direction and will end up helping his future.”

Blake Trekell, a close family friend who grew up with Reid, said being a DJ is perfect for Reid.

“I think it’s perfect for him because it’s what he’s always been doing,” Trekell said. “He always threw parties at home, but they have grown to such a large scale ever since he came out here.”

Even though Reid is a successful DJ, Trekell said it may hurt his future career path.

“He will get somewhere eventually, but it’s going to take him longer because he is taking an unconventional route,” Trekell said.

In the end, Reid said he recommends being a DJ to everyone because it is a great way to express creativity.

“Anyone who likes music, I’d recommend picking up mixing and DJing even if it’s just for fun,” Reid said. “We all have ideas and creativity to contribute, its like a form of art.”

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