Entrepreneur Lecture: eharmony of trucking


It’s a trucking service that mirrors the business model of an online dating service.

At least that’s how Scott Moscrip, owner and founder of Udrove and Internet Truckstop, the largest online freight matching service in the trucking industry, chose to describe his corporation.

“We are the eharmony.com of transportation,” Moscrip said. “We use the exact same philosophy and we match up available truck capacity with available freight.”

Moscrip visited Brigham Young University on Wednesday for an open Q-and-A forum with students interested in entrepreneurship — drawing mainly an engineering audience because of his technological background.

Moscrip said he was notified around 17 years ago by his mother that his father was deathly ill and he needed to return home to help care for his family. Going from working in Washington, D.C., as a high profile computer specialist to New Plymouth, Idaho, putting in Ethernet cables in the local school district, Moscrip decided to pursue his more technical business ideas.

Since that time Moscrip has gone on to run nine more successful venture projects. After speaking briefly about his business background, Moscrip opened the majority of the time to questions and answers.

In reply to which business ideas to pursue, Moscrip shared his personal technique of idea pursuing.

“Right now on my idea board I have 23 ideas and those are my priority ideas,” Moscrip said. “I prioritize them by actual ability to get the idea done. … I also choose (which ideas to pursue) by how many times I dream about the idea or how many times I wake up during the night. If you wake up in the middle of the night having the same idea over and over again, just do it and get it done so you can actually have a good night’s sleep.”

To add to his list of 23, Moscrip comes up with new ideas from conversations with people.

“Most of my ideas come from talking to people,” Moscrip said. “My customers will tell me what their problems are. That’s usually a pretty good signal. To me that’s just like saying, ‘Hello is there a solution for that?’ He is willing to pay me money to take this problem on.”

Having personally started a business in the most unexpected circumstances Moscrip left students with words of encouragement to embrace their time at BYU and learn from whatever experiences present themselves in their lives.
“I think that you will gain more experience here at BYU as a janitor than you can in some of the major corporation jobs,” Moscrip said.

“Learn from everything that you are involved in while in college.”

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