Police Beat: Serial textbook thief busted in Bookstore


Suspicious Activities

Feb. 22 – A caller reported a suspicious male in the lobby of Heritage Halls building 27, female student housing. A police officer arrived and found the individual looked a bit old to be a student.  When the officer asked him if he knew visiting hours were over, he didn’t respond and began to walk away from the officer. The officer kept following him and asked what Heritage Halls building he lived in. He said building C, which doesn’t exist. The individual reached the door first and sprinted away. The officer described the individual as a male Caucasian, 6-feet-1, 190-200 pounds and 27-30 years old. The incident is still under investigation.

Feb. 22 – A female student complained about a male graduate student who approached her several times with inappropriate questions at the Harold B. Lee Library. She said he kept following her inside the library and also contacted her outside. The BYU police have dealt with the individual repeatedly with similar complaints.

Feb. 24 – A call came into BYU police of a female student standing on the bridge over East Campus Drive, worrying she would throw something at cars passing. When a police officer found her, the student said she was taking a break from study and looking at the stars.

Feb. 25 – A red sedan was reported with its driver’s side door wide open in the Tanner Building parking lot. A police officer was dispatched and waited but the driver did not come back. It was assumed the driver forgot to shut the door.

Feb. 25 – A transient-looking individual was reported shouting foul language into his cell phone near May Hall. When officers arrived, the individual had already left the scene.

Criminal Mischief

Feb. 24 – Graffiti was found on the control box at the outdoor track by Helaman Hall. It said, “My heart is over at your service.  Shakespeare.”

Feb. 25 – A student resident of the new Heritage Halls reported his car had been egged during the night.

Found property

Feb. 27 – A student found $20 at Saturday’s BYU basketball game in the Marriott Center. He turned it in to BYU police.

Retail Theft

Feb. 24 – BYU Bookstore security caught a student stealing two textbooks. During the police investigation, it was found he had stolen books from the store before. Police officers accompanied him to his residence and recovered three more textbooks. The total value was about $660. He was cited for a class B misdemeanor for retail theft.

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