Letter: Preserving the caucus


I like having a trusted neighbor research candidates and, based on our shared political principles, choose our best option. The caucus system gives the power to the grassroots.
You will see the caucus system attacked by three groups: 1) special interest groups and lobbyists that realize it’s easier to buy an election than it is to sell a bad candidate to delegates who have the time to research voting records, 2) those from one party that want to cross over in a primary to select the weakest of their opponent’s candidates, and 3) biased media that doesn’t like being circumvented by informed citizens.

If we lose our caucus system then elections will be decided principally on sound bites, name recognition, money and incumbent power. Lobbyists and entrenched incumbents label candidates chosen by the caucus system as extremists in an effort to discredit our system. Please don’t fall for their propaganda.

OIT Core Services

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