Letter: Anonymously accusing


A couple of weeks ago I was watching a PBS documentary about the Internet and its effect on our generation. One of the problems pointed out was that privacy has gone out the window and it highlighted a girl who took pictures of herself in a bikini and a bra and put it online.

About five minutes after that segment, I was informed that I was being kicked out the computer lab and being cited for looking at pornography. Security said, “Many people complained and felt uncomfortable.” Who these people are, I still don’t know.  Even after explaining the documentary was an assignment for my COMMS 101 class, I was still asked to leave but with no “punishment.”

This is the same type of self-righteous attitude that has BYU and a girl with leggings all over the news. She did nothing wrong and neither did I. To make matters worse, I saw myself in the police beat recently that says a student was looking at pornography at school but it was OK because it was “Legal Pornography.” What does that even mean? Some pornography is legal here? PBS documentaries are porn now? Get rid of the self-righteousness attitude, especially when you have no clue what is really going on.

I love my education here at BYU. I am thankful for people who help me live it. If you are someone who desires to help others live it, please let us know face to face so we can both gain from the situation and be edified.

Paul Belnap

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