Economy blog: Gas prices rise again


Due to a variety of reasons, including tensions with Iran and increased stock prices, gas prices have shot up by 12 cents this week.

The nationwide average is currently $3.647, according to AAA. Locally, Utah’s state average is the fourth lowest in the country, but has still seen an increase of 17 cents to $3.09.

This video from ABC Good Morning America discusses the rise of gas prices, alluding to the controversy with Iran and its nuclear program.

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Fear that Iran is constructing a weapon has countries such as the U.S. attempting to force Iran into inspections but to no avail.

Because of the ever-increasing distress, investors are quickly purchasing oil contracts.

There are numerous ways to save money on gas, from unconventional tips like losing weight to more common ideas, such as making sure the tires are always fully pumped. Other tips can be found here.


Gas prices keep rising nationwide. But how much does it cost by state? Check out @CNNMoney‘s gas map:

— (@CNNMoney) February 24, 2012

Gas prices soar, politicians point fingers, little relief in sight – @robkoenig

— stlbeacon (@stlbeacon) February 24, 2012


Gas prices #breakingmybank

— Jordy (@2012Jfremont) February 24, 2012

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