Word to the Ys: February 24


“This is called, ‘I’m poor and save my money for better adventures.’ ” — Dave Chalk, looking at his peanut butter and honey sandwich. Chalk travels the world exclusively for cuisines specific to the regions he visits

“After I joined the Church, I knew that God gave me a gift and I had to do something with it and touch people’s lives.” — Keri Costello, a vocal performance student whose conversion to the Church brought her back to music

“I felt comfortable in my outfit, I didn’t feel like I was offending people.” — Brittany Molina, who made local and national news last week after receiving a note from another BYU student saying her outfit had “a negative effect on men (and women)” around her

“It’s the purest form of self-expression. That’s why punk is never going to go out of style. The ideal of punk is doing what you want and the other stuff doesn’t matter.” — Trey Bird, on this weekend’s Punk-O-Rama showcase at Muse Music Cafe

“I think winning on the road is what kind of separates you from a lot of teams. This team has figured out how to do it.” — Dave Rose, on the BYU men’s basketball team’s recent road win against Santa Clara


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