Provo celebrates ten-year Olympic anniversary


Ten years later, Provo remembers the impact Utah’s Olympic moment.

Once home to Olympic men’s and women’s ice hockey games and practices, Peak’s Ice Arena renewed its Olympic spirit with the relighting of the torch and a commemorative speech by Provo mayor John Curtis.  In 2002, over 130,000 Olympic fans watched hockey in the arena.

Some attending the event were not alive at the time of the Olympics, others have only faint memories, and still others retain an Olympic passion.

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Those not aware that the mayor was speaking were pleasantly surprised, and grateful they could see the Olympic torch once again.  Most everyone was excited about the free brownies and the price discount for wearing Olympic memorabilia.

Former CFO/COO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics, Fraser Bullock, also spoke at the event.

“When you see our torch, its got glass [pointing to the glass surrounding the flame]. That’s the fire within,” he said.  “And so that’s the fire within each of us.”




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