Letter: Remembering audience


In response to “Popping the bubble” (2/21), I believe part of being a responsible citizen is being informed about local, national and global events, as they can directly or indirectly influence many aspects of our lives. There is great news for those who agree with me: there are multiple media outlets that provide information about these local, national and global events. While they do overlap, it would be ridiculous to suggest that The New York Times, CNN or BBC News focus their information around events that occur at BYU. Similarly, it is silly to think that The Daily Universe — a BYU-sponsored newspaper for BYU students — alumni and anyone else who should want to know about what’s going on at BYU, should not focus on the events that occur at BYU.

I agree that BYU students are “cosmopolitan” and, as I stated earlier, should be informed about global and national events. However, if The Daily Universe shifted its focus to a more global one and away from a localized one that focuses on the quirks, customs and happenings at BYU, where would we get our news about BYU? If you want global news, read The New York Times, watch CNN or visit Google News. Don’t read The Daily Universe expecting detailed reports on the Middle East or China. There are other, easily accessible news outlets for that. Read the Daily Universe for important, as well as entertaining, stories about what is happening locally at our campus, and, if you so desire, a preview of national and global events that can lead to other, more appropriate sources for these kinds of stories.


Forth Worth, Texas

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