Police Beat: Taylor Hall troubadour eludes officers


Animal problem

Feb. 21 – A live hamster was reported in the Cannon Center. Officers responded and were unable to locate the hamster. The call is believed to be a prank.

Suspicious activity

Feb. 16 – Students were reported jumping out of Budge Hall onto scaffolding. They reportedly did not feel like going through the lobby to get a soccer ball that had fallen out of the window.

Feb. 16 – A suspicious man was reported watching an aerobics class. When officers arrived, the man said his fiancée was the teacher. She confirmed his statement.

Feb. 17 – A suspicious man carrying a stick was reported on campus. The man was gone when officers arrived.

Feb. 18 – A suspicious man was reported looking over a fence and watching girls walk by. Officers arrived to the scene and determined the man was participating in a ward activity.

Feb. 20 – Individuals were reported throwing snow at windows in Helaman Halls. The individuals were gone when officers arrived.

Feb. 21 – A suspicious car was reported outside the Ellsworth Building. The two people in the car were reading scriptures.


Feb. 19 – A male was reported inside Gates Hall past visiting hours. He was asked to leave by security.

Feb. 20 – Individuals were reported trespassing at the stadium. Thermal imaging cameras were used to locate the individuals. One individual received a misdemeanor and the other was referred to juvenile court.

Criminal mischief

Feb. 20 – A black sedan was reported spinning doughnuts in the field across from the temple. The car was gone when officers arrived and damage to the grass was minimal.

Traffic stop

Feb. 18 – A car that did not stop after pulling out of Carl’s Jr. was pulled over. The officers had received an anonymous tip in relation to this car having drugs. For this reason, officers brought drug dogs who indicated the car had drugs. The three individuals in the car were arrested. They were non-BYU students and had extensive criminal records.

Lost property

Feb 18 – A student reported lost lab keys. The keys are still missing.

Feb. 18 – A diamond ring was reported lost. The ring is believed to have been lost on campus. Anyone with information regarding the ring should contact university police.

Public peace

Feb. 16 – A man was reported singing and yelling outside of Taylor Hall. According to the caller, he was asked to stop and leave, but refused. He was gone when officers arrived.


Feb. 17 – An individual was reported viewing pornography in the library. Officers responded to the scene, but were unable to file charges because the pornography was legal.


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