Viewpoint: Fickle fans fill the Marriott


Just following the St. Mary’s game, a lot of people were talking a lot of trash about our BYU basketball team.

Now, I’ll admit a lot more people were talking trash about the refs at the St. Mary’s game, but I couldn’t believe the amount of Cougars I heard grumbling.

“They’re so terrible!” I’ve heard people say.

“They can’t sink anything!” Cougars cry.

Here’s the irony of the whole thing — we haven’t lost since.

If we were actually doing terribly, maybe I wouldn’t mind as much. However, everyone else in the world  seems to be pretty impressed with our post-Jimmer showing.

“It cannot be stated strongly enough: the Cougars are winning on defense, driving the ball inside and scrappy team play,” Jim from BYU Sports Guy writes. “This team is turning out to be one of Dave Rose’s best coaching jobs.”

So maybe that’s not the best example of “everyone else in the world,” but you get my point. We (as in the Cougars) are the worst at standing by our team!

I realize we no longer have The Jimmer, but he was never our whole team. We need to support him while he’s off sinking threes for the Sacramento Kings, but we can’t forget about our men in the Marriott.

Do you guys realize we’ve only lost six games this season?

Some colleges have never even seen a winning season.

Did you notice we’ve had 15 wins at home?

Some colleges are lucky with five.

Did you know we’ve only lost twice on the road?

Some colleges would call that a miracle.

Maybe it’s time I cut to the chase — you need to cut the team a break.

Don’t stop cheering if the team misses a few free throws.

Don’t sit down because a three-pointer doesn’t find its way into the net.

Don’t walk out when there’s five minutes left in the game.

What kind of fans are we?

It’s like we expect nine three-pointers in every game. We demand perfection at the foul line. We assume victory without struggle.

I am by no means saying we can’t expect a lot from our team. I am saying they have delivered a lot and we have appreciated little.

They’ve given us what will probably be a 25-win season and all we’ve given them are complaints.

Come on! Rise and shout, Cougars!

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