Sports fanatics having fun


Intense sports fans put their love of the game before all else, even bodily comfort and time demands. They will go to extremes to show their true colors and love of the game, and find the rewards worth the effort.

Meagan Hollman, a junior from Visalia, Calif., studying advertising,  received an unexpected surprise last season from her love of watching BYU games: a free Frosty from Wendy’s.

Last year, when BYU basketball played New Mexico, Hollman said she was determined to watch the game, but her apartment did not have the channel. But that was not about to stop her.

“I went to Wendy’s by myself to watch the game,” Hollman said. “My friend came and met up with me later, but I had to watch it from the beginning.”

As the game was getting really exciting, the manager of Wendy’s made the group there a promise that got everyone more excited.

“The manger was like, ‘If he [Jimmer] scores 50 points, everyone gets a free Frosty here,’ ” Hollman said. Soon thereafter Jimmer scored his 50th of what would be 52 points in that game. “We all went crazy and he brought us all Frostys. Now, I just love Wendy’s.”

Hollman said last year she waited in line in the snow, missing a couple classes, to get a wristband for a game for which she was especially excited.

“I waited out in the snow for two hours, and my feet have never been that cold,” Hollman said. “My hair was soaking, and we all just looked so pathetic.”

Hollman said she wears her favorite white T-shirt to most basketball games.

“I still wear white even though they don’t tell us to,” Hollman said. “If you’re a true fan, you will wear white.”

Another sports fan, Ben Henderson, a BYU alumnus who graduated in Latin American studies, showed his true colors by painting himself entirely blue when BYU football played Stanford in California.

“I was back home for summer and I decided that because I was a BYU student I really should go all out,” Henderson said. “So, me and three other friends got all painted blue and spelled out ‘BYU!’ on our chests. Our hair was sprayed blue, everything was blue, and I was the B.”

Another sports fan, Jenny Sarahs, a BYU alumna who graduated in elementary education, continues to be a dedicated BYU fan and has a rivalry going with a neighbor who supports the University of Utah. When the two teams are playing each other, Sarahs said they tease each other relentlessly.

“Easily the funniest, yet most startling, thing my neighbor has done was leave a cougar skin, head and all, on my bed,” Sarahs said. “Sometimes the things we do to each other really don’t make sense, but we have a lot of fun.”

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