Word to the Ys: Feb. 10


“I do lots of push-ups and a thousand sit-ups a day. That’s all it takes to be Jacob.” — Josh Gurr, who plays the “Twilight” character Jacob in Twilight Tuesdays, a weekly bare bones reenactment of the famous movies that Gurr and his friends put on

“Utah has the highest rate of melanoma in the nation, and it’s killing our kids and our families.” — Sen. Patricia Jones, D-Salt Lake, calling attention to the health risks of tanning beds with legislation that changes the requirements for operating a tanning salon in Utah

“This was so interesting to find. Jimmer literally has American heroes within his family tree; I am sure they would be very proud of Jimmer and his accomplishments.” — Michelle Ercanbrack, a BYU alumna and family historian from Ancestry.com, who researched Fredette’s forebears and found former military personnel

“There are kids here who can’t grow facial hair. I’ve made these shirts for them — for those who can only grow whiskers.” — Lorne Sleem, who started beardcard.com, a website that sells shirts with beards on them

“I don’t want to be poor doing something I don’t like. I’d much rather be poor doing something I do like.” — Nate Pyfer, who recently gave up his electrician day job to become a full-time music producer. Pyfer recently helped produce the acclaimed album by local band The Moth & The Flame

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