Proposals on Valentine’s Day: Romantic or Cliché?


Endless chocolates, flowers and gifts are obvious items people associate with the most romantic day of the year. Women with significant others often cannot wait for the showering of treats. However, men might want to be a bit careful if they consider giving away special jewelry on Valentine’s Day.

A seemingly romantic moment can be cause for a lot of heartache. Men may want to think twice before they pop the big question and put a little method into the madness.

Max Acevedo, a freshman from Kentucky, recently discussed proposal issues with a few women.

“Do girls really care about what the engagement day is?” Acevedo asked.

The group of women simply shook their heads in agreement they did not have much of an opinion.

Kelsey Snowden, a student who has been married for a year, said she did not really care what day her husband proposed to her.

However, when asked about a romantic Valentine’s Day proposal, the answers begin to get a little heated.

McKenzie Morgan, a sophomore from St. George, said it would be cliche because everyone seems to propose on that day, so the moment would not be special.

“If it happened to me I would be angry,” Morgan said, jokingly.

She sarcastically concluded that Valentine’s Day or any day when someone else is celebrating, would not be an ideal time to propose.

“I think it’s just one of those ‘girls get all the say in this matter’ types of things,” Acevedo said. “I don’t know any guy that is concerned with this aspect of marriage.”

Kelsey Snowden, a student who has been married for a year, said a proposal on Valentine’s Day is a little cliche.

“It seems that a lot of people propose on the most romantic day of the year,” Snowden said.

Although men may not be as concerned as women about the exact date they propose, they may have the right idea.

[pullquote]”Honestly, I have no preference. As long as my wife is happy with it.”[/pullquote]

“Honestly, I have no preference,” Acevedo said. “As long as my wife is happy with it.”

In short, women might want to consider hinting their dream proposal to their boyfriends if they have specific criteria in mind.

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