Word to the Ys: February 3


“It’s not conducive to community-building, but I can bring girls over and not feel ashamed.” — Easton Johnson, an RA in one of the new Heritage Halls dorms, on their design

“I’m sure they are not used to hearing cheers when someone on the other team scores.” — Jimmer Fredette, whose Sacramento Kings faced the Utah Jazz in Salt Lake this past weekend

“It is still valuable to me and not something I want to give away without thought, especially when it comes to my kids.” — Lauren Tomlinson, on the privacy issues around posting funny videos of her children online

“I would take the money. When I lose money, I assume God has a purpose for that money.  So I would have been OK keeping the money because I don’t take blessings for granted.” — Molly Meagan Mitchell, on a recent Deseret Industries volunteer who found thousands of dollars stuffed into a donated shoe and reported it

“It was refreshing to have a recruit be grateful for the scholarship offer instead of feeling entitled to one.” — Bronco Mendenhall, on incoming BYU quarterback Tanner Mangum, currently Idaho’s No. 1 high school recruit

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