Best Boarding in Upcoming Movie


After 52 years of business, the board company Gordon & Smith will have its products featured in the new movie “Of Men and Mavericks.”

Director Curtis Hanson, who also directed “8 Mile” and “L.A. Confidential,” requested G&S products to authenticate the movie about the life of famous surfer Jay Moriarity, played by Jonny Weston. G&S handcrafted replicas  will be used by heartthrob actor Gerard Butle, from “300,” “P.S. I Love You” and “How to Train Your Dragon,” who will portray Moriarty’s mentor, Frosty Hesson. It will be released Oct. 26.

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G&S boards will be featured in upcoming movie "Of Men & Mavericks."
“G&S is classic and timeless,” said Adam Ericksen, G&S brand ambassador and long-time boarder. “They started it all back in 1959. They revolutionized the industry.”

The reason this company succeeds is because they are true boarders.

“Our brand is for the guys that really want to stay core,” said Brandon Beck, marketing director of G&S. “It’s for people who want to be legitimate.”

The G&S brand identifies with nature and sports enthusiasts.

“It is an active lifestyle centered around board-riding in surf, skate or snow,” said G&S owner Justin Beck. “From the ocean to the top of the mountains. The casual and adventurous.”

G&S is all about embracing the boarding experience.

“There is something that happens when you are on the board and riding,” Justin said. “It’s a spiritual experience when you are connected with nature on a wave or a mountain.”

“I just got the longboard fibreflex pintail,” Brandon said. “There’s a lot more flex [than Sector 9]. You feel like you’re riding a smoother board.”

The chill boarding brand has been an innovative member in the industry for years.

“We’re the ones that introduced composite material in surfboards,” Brandon said. “In skateboards we were the first ones to introduce fibreflex, which is much more flexible than other skateboards.”

G&S is the best brand of boards, according to Justin, because their products are all handmade in the U.S. In other countries, such as China, Justin said, the manufacturers are not familiar with the sport and so they can’t innovate.

“We are current and relevant,” Justin said.

Transworld Skateboarding Magazine recognized G&S as the top selling skateboard of all time last year.

“In February we are coming out with a brand new longboard which has faster wheels with tracks that go all the way through the board,” said Brandon. “It’s a lot lower to the ground so you can go a lot faster.”

The San Diego-based company has become more widely known in past years because of its work with famous boarders such as Stacy Peralta, Rob Dyrdek, Chris Miller and Mark Richards.

Gordon & Smith sells snowboards, surfboards, longboards and plans to sell wakeboards.

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