Letter: A matter of honor


This week is Student Honor Week here on campus, and it is important to reflect on what it is that we honor and represent. Last week we were taught by Mark DeMoss that Christianity and incivility don’t mix.  On Saturday evening I attended the men’s basketball game against St. Mary’s with my 10-year-old son and witnessed some atypical behavior from both the students as well as other fans in the Marriott Center.

I am not going to argue about arena presence or creating a “hostile environment.” It seems the more important thing to remember is the commitment we have made and the accompanying expectation to conduct ourselves with honor and dignity in all situations. The situational ethics to conduct ourselves inappropriately because we are at a sports venue or participation in the mob mentality with its accompanying anonymity is disappointing and does not reflect our honor code commitment. Let’s not demean our opponents nor yell inappropriate comments about the referees. The perception those referees had after the game should trump how we feel about whether or not calls were made in our favor.

I believe that our very best behavior can be on display as we remember and recommit ourselves to conducting ourselves with honor. Let’s represent ourselves with class and dignity. We have the best fans in college sports.  Let’s put that on display in the future for all of our sports teams.

Honor Code Office Counsellor

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