The Village, Provo’s newest apartment complex, nearing completion


An indoor pool, study rooms that look like they were built for board meetings, a retail center and even valet garbage services– these are aspects of apartment life most BYU students never experience, let alone during their time as poor college students. But a towering new complex south of campus will offer all of those luxuries to students willing to pay the price this fall.

Apartments at The Village will range between $425 and $500 per month.

Walton said she knows the monthly rent is higher than most in town and would make some students do a double-take, but she felt confident the complex would gain a good reputation south of campus, particularly because it is brand new.

“I think people expect to pay more in a place like this,” Walton said.

The Village, located at the intersection of 500 North and 600 East south of campus, has been under construction for about a year and a half and will be completed during the summer. Nestled between small residences and apartments, the building stands in stark contrast to the quiet neighborhood surrounding it. The complex recently began tours of sample apartments and expects vacancies to fill up quickly.

Stacy Walton, the new business manager at the site, said the company’s focus was to create a classy and social atmosphere for single students.

“We want to make sure everything’s perfect before they move in,” Walton said.

Various amenities in the apartments– each of which contain 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms– will make it one of the most unique living arrangements in Utah valley. One of the most unique features, according to Walton, is the availability of study rooms.

“You get a group of six, ten people who want a place that they can meet up– and not meet up in someone’s apartment where they squeeze on couches,” Walton said. “They will sit at a conference table, have a real discussion and have a real study group.”

Students in other buildings near the extensive construction have mixed feelings about the huge addition to their block, which has been traditionally not very busy.

“That’s what i really like about being back tucked away, the streets a lot more quiet, you don’t have very much problem jogging because there’s not very many cars going by,” said Beth Castillo, a recent graduate from Sacramento, CA. “I’m sure with the flux of people moving in there’s going be a huge change in traffic patterns.”

The Village will also include an underground parking lot, but Maddie Taylor, a senior from Alpine majoring in sound recording, said she is still wary of clogged streets.

“I don’t know if it’s going to make parking any less annoying around here than it already is,” Taylor said. “But I understand its good to have more [student] housing.”

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