Letter: MLK: more than race


I was watching the Republican debates Monday night and was a bit disturbed at some of the cheering that occurred in the background. I find it disturbing how many people cheered when Newt Gingrich said that the poor are poor because they have poor work ethic. I know fishermen and loggers that put in more hours of hard labor in a month than Newt has in his life and who cannot rise above the poverty line. I was also disturbed by the cheering when Romney said that America should hunt down and destroy our enemies. Yes, sometimes the deaths of others are justified to protect ourselves, but it is disturbing to hear it being cheered instead of lamented.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a staunch objector to all wars because he could not justify his faith in a loving Christ with his hate for his enemies. Perhaps we should remember that Dr. King was not just a racial advocate, but an advocate of peace and love for all men.   Perhaps we should love our enemies and pray for those that despitefully use us.  Or if that’s too much to ask, at least not cheer the deaths of God’s children.

Coquille, Ore.

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