Letter: Library announcements


Every Tuesday morning, the library makes two automatic announcements concerning the closing of the service and circulation desks.  The announcement is important; it lets library goers know that they are on their own for the next hour.  The problem is that this announcement also plays in the classrooms in the back of the library.  I realize that for the library administrators this might not seem like a big deal, since it is only once a week that this happens, but for students and teachers who are in those classrooms it is very, very annoying. Not only does it cause an unneeded interruption to the class, it is also extremely loud and frightens most in the room, no matter how well they are accustomed to it. For those of you reading this, if you are affected by this annoyance or if you are just sympathetic, I invite you to post a complaint to the school and library administrations. Maybe if enough of us speak up and ask for a change, one will be made.

Kent, Wash.

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